From the monthly archives: "February 2011"

Charcoal & Grey on line boutique has been on line since November 2010. Charcoal & Grey are ready to launch with a new and easy to use updated site. We are a hand made shop using the best quality textiles where possible, so unfortunately and fortunately we cannot mass produce. Therefore our aim is to grow the company slowly and organically adding to our mailing lists customers who really are interested in our hand made products and  helping local communities to earn their livelihoods while perpetuating customary production techniques and traditional designs.  It is difficult on line for you to feel and see the difference in our products compared to machine and factory runs but I personally guarantee you once you receive the goods, you will appreciate the difference. Any products that you are not satisfied with, we are happy to exchange or offer a refund upon receipt of the returned parcel. So please feel secure to put your order in and make the most of what is in stock as some lines will take time (months) to re-stock and some will not be continued due to the village production being a one off agreement. We are a small personal company and your feedback and perhaps any questions you may have regarding our products are always appreciated and will be answered.

If you are interested in staying in contact with Charcoal & Grey please go to our SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER for our NEWSLETTER.

All orders are now taken by telephone – Please call 0208 961 8943 during office hours Mon – Sat