From the monthly archives: "March 2011"

The online boutique Charcoal & Grey is launching April 2011.
We use the best quality textiles, so unfortunately and fortunately we cannot mass-produce. Our products are beautifully made by local communities which helps to earn their livelihoods while perpetuating customary production techniques and traditional designs.
Our mailing list customers feel passionate about helping to keep these traditions and appreciate the quality of our textiles as much as we do.
I personally guarantee that when you receive your beautiful Charcoal & Grey textiles you will see and feel the difference compared to machine and factory runs; a difference its hard to fully appreciate even when viewing on line.
We are a small personal company so welcome feedback and questions if you have them. Please be assured that any products you are not happy with we will exchange or refund on receipt of the returned parcel; we want you to love your purchases!

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January 29th -March 8th 2011

I Traveled to Thailand and to India after New Year. Spent allot of time learning the natural vegetable dying process and the method of hand block using mud and sand to dye. I am hoping that we will have a few new products to add using these techniques. I also went on a cotton hunt. Good cotton has become increasingly more expensive and harder to come by in the past year. Sadly the techniques of using Khadi are being forgotten in India and the Khadi we buy is not hand made from scratch using the old fashioned ways. I hope to be able to produce some Khadi products 100% for you all to see and by doing so hope to encourage the traditional ways of the past.

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